Sunday, August 30, 2015

You can't hide your lying eyes.

I was informed this evening that FF put up a new video,  beginning to start the whole thing over again.  Since you have lied in the past, and made a notable claim in the content of your video, that you donated $30k to charity....PROVE IT!  It would be on the income taxes you never pay each year. Maybe it is tucked away with the refer truck receipt.  Damn you are a bafoon.
The never ending fool that is FF.

Another item I would like to address is you had your sunglasses on, after it has been repeatedly stated over and over and over again that you are a pill head.  The eyes always give it way, and your eyes in almost all of your videos over the past year, you can tell when you are taking opiates.  I would imagine you are taking one of two things, I don't know which one, but I am leaning toward hydrocodone.  It would explain your euphoric behavior on your videos, and the meaninglessness of your rants.  It has also caused problems with your creditors, drugs often do, and I believe that you are most likely addicted by now.

Just for shits and grins, I see that you have moved again, and in a relevantly short time after we exposed your location.  I wish I could have seen the look on your face when you realized you gave up too many drone videos, too much evidence' yes FF it is always your fault that you are located.  Don't worry, we will always find you, to keep any creditors (and I am sure that it is a long, long, long list), well aware of your location.  We will share it with the creditors, and any lawsuits headed your way.  

I can only imagine what your poor kids think of having to move all the time.  Living like a gypsy when you shouldn't have to.  

Next time:  Bigfoot enthusiasts perfect mark for the brain damaged con man.


  1. I watched the first two minutes and after about the tenth yelling of the word fuck I had enough. I guess he's not doing the Christian thing any longer, right.
    Dyer is and always be a nothing more than a burden on the planet. How many kids does he have now? Including the ones he had previously and doesn't pay his child support on?
    He will get what he's got coming one day. You can count on that.

  2. The Christian thing was a front to bring in more suckers to sell his wares to or it was a way for the people he screwed over to forgive him, most likely both. I believe that he currently has 8 kids, maybe 9. I do know that the FBFB boys had to pay his back child support of almost $9k before he went on tour. He couldn't have left without that being paid, because he could have been picked up on the road at any given time. He was pretty much scared shitless.

    What continues to make him have great anxiety is knowing that their are folks that will always be there to find his home base, regardless of where it is. It un nerves him, but we mainly do it, to inform all of his creditors that we know about, which includes the Pay Pal fraud department.

  3. I skimmed that stupid video of his.. All he did was his normal rants about haters and people who throw the truth in his face.he is such a coward talking tough on the internet then hiding from all his creditors and law suits . That's why you keep moving and don't stay put long chickin shit. Don't worry little dicky Ricky it's coming for you just keep running loser it's going nail sooner or later. Funny thing no more Burke in your videos .. Did you two have a lovers spat??? It's not a team when there is only one member retard.well enjoy running shit stain I will see you soon.

  4. my god dyer is pathetic. he really shows how desperate and how much of a loser one can be. I don't think ive ever seen someone as worthless as him. his family must be so proud of him. fucking scrub.

  5. I wounder if his discovery speacial will be of the government release of Hanks body.

    1. His "discovery" special will be when he realizes that he is a complete and total moron, it will be his awakening, hopefully he'll throw himself in a gator infested pond to relive the day his dad through him in to teach him to swim. What a great family.

  6. Well it looks like POS has a new career of selling pieces of shit cars.

  7. You would think with 3 dead bigfoot and a discovery speciel on the way he wouldn't need to sink any lower.

    Never mind I forgot its dyer.

  8. Rick is back! is lve..

  9. Anything, lately?