Sunday, August 30, 2015

You can't hide your lying eyes.

I was informed this evening that FF put up a new video,  beginning to start the whole thing over again.  Since you have lied in the past, and made a notable claim in the content of your video, that you donated $30k to charity....PROVE IT!  It would be on the income taxes you never pay each year. Maybe it is tucked away with the refer truck receipt.  Damn you are a bafoon.
The never ending fool that is FF.

Another item I would like to address is you had your sunglasses on, after it has been repeatedly stated over and over and over again that you are a pill head.  The eyes always give it way, and your eyes in almost all of your videos over the past year, you can tell when you are taking opiates.  I would imagine you are taking one of two things, I don't know which one, but I am leaning toward hydrocodone.  It would explain your euphoric behavior on your videos, and the meaninglessness of your rants.  It has also caused problems with your creditors, drugs often do, and I believe that you are most likely addicted by now.

Just for shits and grins, I see that you have moved again, and in a relevantly short time after we exposed your location.  I wish I could have seen the look on your face when you realized you gave up too many drone videos, too much evidence' yes FF it is always your fault that you are located.  Don't worry, we will always find you, to keep any creditors (and I am sure that it is a long, long, long list), well aware of your location.  We will share it with the creditors, and any lawsuits headed your way.  

I can only imagine what your poor kids think of having to move all the time.  Living like a gypsy when you shouldn't have to.  

Next time:  Bigfoot enthusiasts perfect mark for the brain damaged con man.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tour of the new home of public figure Rick Dyer

Dearest Shit Stain,

It has come to my attention that you are trying to re-spin your failure of a hoax, by creating a new story of "how it actually happened".  What about how it was supposed to happen on that rag of a CD you put out, that people actually paid $129 for?

You also just want the Bigfoot community to not take itself so seriously, what about all those people you drug along on your journey of lies and scamming, do you think they want to have fun with the likes of your scamming ass again?  Has you memory finally been effected by your continued opiate abuse?

Does the term "having fun" mean scamming the gullible or naive as a sport for your own financial gain?

Do you know what sounds "fun" to me, exposing your ass at every turn, until the day comes, when the law catches up with you, or you finally piss someone off in person, that will "clean your clock". What also makes me happy is keeping your creditors aware of your location.  It is fun tracking the world's worst Bigfoot tracker.  Why is it, that you drive around in a green convertible corvette, but live in a home that is only worth half of your car's cost?  You brag about how much money you've made, and if true (and we know it's not) then why the new shit hole? And why not put it in your name?

Remember dispirit, this has nothing to do with harassment, it has to do with a "public figure" your words not mine, who is scamming his way through life at all levels, which include taking money for a disability and having the entire family on government assistance.  

One more question I just have to ask, why did you move back to Valousia County, the county where you arrested for beating on a pregnant Lily?  I guess you are just that stupid.

Don't worry SS, or FF, we know where you live, no one is coming over except for your creditors, and of course the tax authorities.  We won't be posting your address, but we do know everything about it, and we do know who owns it.  I will let the readers know that shit stain lives about 4.5 miles from Daytona Beach.  Maybe the vendor you stiffed at the Bike Show last year would want to know how close you really are.  

New home of public figure Rick Dyer

Monday, June 22, 2015

Anatomy of Failure - Rick Dyer

Dearest Shit Stain,

It has come to my attention that you have moved once again to Florida, is that because the "haters" found your address (twice) or because the creditors found your dumb ass again?  Which ever it is, you are still pathetic.

Looking at some of your past videos, I see the Christianity campaign has ended just as we knew it would, you don't give two shits about anyone but yourself.  Now I see you are running for President, what a friggin joke, but to the rest of the "haters" out there it is no more than just to get hits on his videos, so just ignore his ass.

Why do you let your child, your own son, sit in your lap while you are driving, that's child endangerment, you should probably take that one down.

I have also noticed that you are still using opiates, not only can I tell by your small pupil size in practically all of your videos, but your rants on those videos are incoherent, rushed and confusing.  You should seek the advice of an addiction specialist.

As for the "Rick Flair" imitation, well as a fan of Mid South Wrestling back in the day, you ain't no where near what the master of the "whooo" is doing, I can only imagine that this imitation is also what you use in the parking lot of a state park when you are tracking Bigfoot from the comfort of the air conditioning of your car.  We know you don't go out in the woods, you are too fat, lazy and too busy trying to score your next opiate fix.

How does it feel to be washed up at 40, and on the run, with no friends, except for those you continue to exploit?  

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Tribute to Steve Lane

Steve Lane
So who was Steve Lane really?  Well as a matter of fact Steve Lane used to be one person: not many, but when FF started accusing people of being Steve Lane, multitudes of us, and getting it wrong every time, we all became Steve Lanes.  

The Steve Lane started what would become a concentrated effort to bring FF down to his knees, and I have to say, we got so good at it, it was a bit scary, in a good way of course. By the way just to clarify, no one of the Steve Lane's ever, ever, ever, encouraged anyone to go to where FF resides, the one individual that did, never took pics of his kids or his wife, this is a continual lie propagated by FF.

Back to Steve Lane, the original Steve Lane was very creative putting together videos based on the facts that we located.  It drove FF crazy.  He constantly bitched and moaned to YouTube to have the channel removed, he succeeded once, but that was it.  We would provoke FF into making a comment on his libel and slander blog, and on his hall closet radio show.  It truly was a sport in a sense.  FF always liked to say he owned us, but in reality not only did we own him, we tracked him better than he could ever wish to become that good, and yes we were and still are that good.  We only give his address out to those who want to collect from him legally, no other harm should come to him, with the exception of a judge in a court of law.  Remember FF used to be a prison guard, but he quit because he is a pussy.  Imagine him sitting a few weekends in county jail somewhere and letting his bunkmates know his previous career.

Anyway for tonight's tribute to Steve Lane, I give you some of my favorite videos of Mr. Lane.  Enjoy.

Our first selection is of FF, giving his love winks to the tramp Tishiana.  This was on the doll tour. Maybe we should rename it, "Fat Ass and the Tramp.

One of my personal favorites I asked Steve Lane to make was FF wearing his cowboy
boots in the woods, just like every other dumb redneck who has never been hunting

And last but not least, FF in his own words scamming and lying, and no FF this isn't moral fraud, this real deal, take it to the bank, off the chain real; idiot. You were asking for money, real money.  Damn your stupid.

So those are just a small sample of what Steve Lane was able to do, with the help of his brothers and sisters who are Steve Lane, not haters.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Admission of Fraud and Scamming in his own words.

The only way to heal the Bigfoot community, if it needs healing anyway, has long since past.  FF you have had more than one chance to get it right, personally I don't believe you.  Scammers are scammers and fraudsters break the law regardless, because fraud is fraud, it has nothing to do with morality or legality, you are an idiot.  

I asked Mr. Lane if he would copy down a part of a video for me, the part where you admit you are a fraud, that you are a scammer, and I will send it to whomever the next time you poke your head out of that hole you live in, (by the way; still broadcasting from the ghetto mansion I see).  

You admitted to fraud verbally, you admitted to be being a scammer verbally, you need to redeem every last dollar you took from folks; and no dipshit, you did break the law, the DVD fiasco alone would qualify very nicely all by itself.  What about those damn memberships you sold? You basically admitted to fraud there as well.  

It is not your call if someone makes money on a legit product, as long as the consumer knows what they are purchasing, in your case you set out to fraud, because basically you don't give a shit about anyone.  Now all of a sudden you want people to forgive you, to accept you, after more than 5 years of making a mockery out of a community and stealing money from those who hoped to believe someone had bagged a specimen?

The one and only thing you can do now, is to leave, do not come back, ever.  Never show your face in this community again, although I imagine that is too much to bare for your pickled brain.  

You couldn't even apologize well, it was still filled with your bullshit, about this or that, but definitely sprinkled in between your strength you received from God.  Please FF, quit using God as your excuse, its lame, you don't believe it yourself and it offends a lot of folks.

As far as Rictor is concerned, he knows full well what is going on, if he chooses to jump in the sack with FF, I'm sure he's had better (wink, wink), he knows what he's getting.  It's like going out with the school whore, even though you know she has the "clap".  You'll be heading down to the free clinic in no time Rictor, I'm sorry to see you take this path, it can only be for one thing, and that's for moola, and don't say in ain't.

So FF, as you can see Randy isn't taking down his blog, and the rest of us are waiting for you to leave the ghetto mansion, so we can find your dumbass again, not to come visit, but to keep those who you owe money to informed of your mailing address.  Maybe you can go up north and help teach swim lessons to pay off your debt, oh shit, that's right you have that water fear going on.  Oh well, you still owe $80K.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Best of Dyer's Shame.

I think it quite hilarious, that FF, Mr. Aroggant, Rub it in your Face, said this on his FB Fan page, which I thought was supposed to be down already.  Maybe Frank Cali is turning it off for him (sorry couldn't resist).  

Kumbaya  Motherfucker
What's wrong FF, Steve and Randy can't read your blog because you have them blocked dumbass.  Anyway, after reading this today, a "hater" and a fine one at that had the idea of why not a BEST OF BIGFOOT TRACKER NEWS, right here on the Yellow Tooth Road.  (Don't worry, Randy's blog isn't going anywhere.)

So Let's Get Started!

So here you go FF, in your honor, a few of the times that Randy and the rest of us keyboard bad asses, took you to the woodshed.

Each link will open in a new window.

FF, are you in Rictor having an affair behind Lily's back? Gross.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Terms; not FF, but the "haters"

I had to take the time to respond to FF's latest antics.  He is desperately trying to come off as a changed man, a born again Christian if you will.  If you notice in almost every one of the apology videos he thanks God for giving him the strength.  The moment he let God back into his life, he should have felt the overwhelming need to make amends to those he screwed over, ripped off, libeled and slandered, within a very short time, not months later.  FF is up to something, I am not quite sure what it is but he is not a changed man, he is trying to rid his presence on the web of all the nasty things that exist about himself, so he is got someone else in his cross-hairs or project that he will handle the same way he has handled everything else in his life to date; half-ass, lazy, quick, and without thought of the end game, only it better make easy money for him.

FF's apologies welcomed as they were, especially for letting the world know that he has been lying about Randy from the get go.  There was one comment he made in that video, that Randy has posted lies about FF, which I absolutely know to be not true.  Randy goes beyond the extra mile, to make absolutely sure that what he posts on his blog are the FACTS.  How do I know this? Let me explain briefly.

I am one of the original "haters" as FF likes to call us.  We have been a very tight nit group over these past few years.  We fact check everything as a group, it truly is the real sense of what a "team" is, no one takes a higher road than the others and we often hold back information, until we know for sure it is factual, promises made to people and when is the most appropriate time to release the information. 
We can offend gauge when we release something, that FF will give his retort within a few hours.  One of our favorite things to do, was to see how long it would take FF to make a video or have a show, as a result of some FACT we released on his scamming ass.  Randy as far as I am concerned is probably the most accurate of any blog on the net, even media sites.  If you see something on his blog you can believe it, you can take it to the bank, it is legit; plain and simple.  FF's offer to take his shit down and beg practically the haters to do the same, let's his lies disappear off the web eventually.  I don't know if Randy will respond to FF, as I believe Randy doesn't consider FF legitimate in anyway, so why address him?  

We love you Steph
One thing I would like to address that FF did that is probably the most deplorable of all of his juvenile actions and a very true measure of what kind of human being he truly is.  Stephanie Henderson was a part of the core group of haters I referred to earlier.  She lost her battle with cancer as most of you know, and it still hurts us to this day.  The day or moment that FF found out about it, he posted that she was always a "good friend" and told him all of our secrets on a daily basis.  Of course this was just one of FF's lies, but for all of us in the community it is a Cardinal sin, disgracing the death of someone who had passed by bringing him to the fold of his lies.  If FF every does a sincere apology he should do this one immediately, and one ever day after that for the rest of his life.
I know why he did it, he did it to get that core group, but particularly Randy.  Randy and Stephanie like all of us had a special bond, and FF knew by posting that how upset it would make Randy and the rest of us, his action was pure evil.

FF also lied in most of his video apologies, here are a few examples:

1. Pinkfoot - quit after she had, had enough of trying to reign in FF, FF claimed he fired them
2. David Durrett - left for the same reasons as Pink,  There are some other things that FF did to David, but out of respect for his wishes we never revealed them.

He never apologized to Tom Stickel or Jason Judd, I believe both of them deserve an apology for the fun he made of them, and the lies he posted online about Tom.  

FF this is particularly for you:

When you amend, truly amend, you put it all out there, not just in pieces, and it must contain the whole truth, not the continuous lies that you fill your apologies in with.  I don't  believe you at all, I believe that something has happened and you need to look good for some reason, a regular job, I highly doubt.  Randy's blog or even this one or any blog out there that pertains to Bigfoot will always have a link for you, and to a site that pretty much lambastes you for being the person you are desperately trying to let go.  You would have to delete your entire YouTube channel, and scour the net yourself for all those fake ass blogs you put up about people, for all the comments.  Your own YouTube channel, and not just "Rick Dyer", but "Chris Evidence" and "The Truth Church", pretty much damage your reputation more than anything really. 


Remember this is something YOU started, YOUR choices, YOU daring Randy to blog about you way back then, everything you have done or said has put you in your situation.  I'm sure your pretty lonely out in Griffin, because I would imagine your name in Griffin is not a good one.  It is a result of what happens when you basically "fuck people over" long enough, that no one wants to play with you anymore.

You have made your bed, you must lie in the filth you caused.  I will not be taking this blog down, and I am pretty sure that Randy will leave his on the Internet for years to come.  I don't believe you  have changed one iota; and therefore people need to be reminded today, tomorrow and years from now, who you are, the danger of being involved with you and your scams.  You are a dangerous person FF, and this blog isn't going anywhere.

By the way noticed the ghetto mansion had another price drop.  Are you getting nervous?  There have been 12 price drops on that listing since you put it up.  Depressing isn't it.  It's o.k. since I am in a generous mood I will give you some free advertising.

You can't use your drone to try to sell real estate, dumbass.