Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So many fails, so little time.

Con men and folks who scam others are out for one thing, to exploit people, regardless of the community.  FF is a perfect example, he stumbled into the Bigfoot community in 2008, when he and Matt Whitton decided to pull a hoax, YouTube videos and all, both of them knew then there was a sizable amount of money to be made in the community, and even though Whitton was a sheriff's deputy he went along with it anyway.  FF had another plan, and that was to take the community to the cleaners, or at least as much as he could. 

We now see FF in free fall, he is grasping at just about anything controversial to stir up something by picking topics like religion and North Korea, opening a church, on and on.  What FF fails to realize that the U.S. government likes to look into people who want to go to North Korea.  I would imagine we will see FF set up a gofundme or some other money raising venture, to send his ass to North Korea.  He knows he wouldn't survive over there, they would put his ass in a prison camp faster than he could say "please Tishianna can I have some more".

It has been a notable month and a half for FF in terms of attempts and fails, he is on a record pace.

Leave the Doll tour and try to open a custom car wrap company, of course it failed when we found his car wrap business was basically a fake by using other people's picks, and PRE-Selling memberships.  Pre-selling anything is how FF operates, it is how most scammers operate. FAIL SALE

Become the youth minister at a large church in Georgia - FAIL

Talk with summer camps about Bigfoot - Yeah FF, I'm sure the camp director would welcome you with open arms to scare the living daylights out of his campers. - JUST PLAIN STUPID FAIL

Come up with the big trip to PA to bag another doll, well as you know we so busted you out on that one and did it with your own dribbel and pics of your adventure in Fred or Biff's backyard.  - FAIL x infinity

Slander and libel more people on your blog - FAIL

Announce 'sode" out shows of 600, by phone, with their credit card numbers, seriously? This was the dumbest of all. - FAIL

Go on a rant to the Bigfoot community about coming together and working together, after everything you have done, you can't be serious on that one, one too many opiates in the afternoon there FF ? - FAIL IDIOT STYLE

Start a church? (Another example of picking your target audience).  If you want to start a church, then you better get to deleting some videos of your idiot self online or take the church offline.  Your a complete and total idiot, no one believes you have found Jesus, they know you are still lying.  Your as pathetic as it gets.  I don't know where your "rock bottom" is, but its apparent that it is still pretty far away. BEYOND FAIL 

As long as you exploit and scam others, until the day you stand before a judge,  I will follow and make sure people know what is coming long before you get your hooks in deep.  By the way is Walter heart broken about the hoax getting busted so quickly? 

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