Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Real Yellow Tooth Road

Here is the truth about Rick’s latest and lamest hoax:  “Pennsylvania. Death Of Nothing At All”

The Zzzzzpalooza tour started and ended at Fred Burk’s place in Darlington, Maryland.

 On the evening of October 24, 2014, Uncle Fred and Butt Plug went up to New Jersey to collect Tim Fricke, who was debilitated, on crutches and couldn’t drive. What better time to go bigfoot huntin’!

After picking up Pumpkin Head, they drove back to Maryland. They did not go to Hazleton as they want you to believe. How do we know this? Well, let’s look at the routes from Lumberton, NJ, to Hazleton, PA.

Here’s a closer look at the crossings from NJ to PA. 

 As you see, all these crossings are via bridges and over very populated areas. NONE of them match this:

You know what does match this? This. I’ll get back to this in a minute.

So, they don’t go straight to Hazleton. They go back to Fred’s place via Delaware. We know this because they went through Delaware to get to Fricke.

 To recap where we are in this fairy tale, we have established that Uncle Fred and Butt Plug went up to NJ through Delaware. We established they didn’t go straight to Hazleton. They came back to Fred’s. How do we know that? Ahhh, gather around, my friends, and I’ll tell you the tale…

Look here at the red marker. That’s Fred Burk’s place. 

Follow route 1 up to the PA border, which is 15 mins away from Fred’s place. You know what you’ll find there? 

Butt Plug helpfully confirmed they were indeed at the route 1 Pennsylvania border sign next to the Cumberland Truck Service location. Thanks Butt Plug!

But wait, isn’t it possible they picked up Fricke, drove 1 hour 35 mins back to Burk’s place and then drove up to Hazleton? No. First, why would anyone in their right minds drive an extra 1 hour 35 mins for nothing? Second, here is the route from Burk’s to Hazleton.

The route crosses into PA on route 222, not route 1 where they did their photo op with the Welcome to PA sign. Route 1 heads east towards Philadelphia, not north towards Hazleton. 

This is the welcome sign on route 222. 

They did not go to Hazleton at all. They went from Fricke’s place back to Burk’s place, then drove up to the welcome sign around midnight for the photo op and filming for the fake documentary “Pennsylvania. Only The Demented Would Believe This Shit”

Let’s look at some more photos from the big fake expuhdishun.

Hmm, what have we here? A bigfoot hanging from a tree. 

Wait, what’s this thing I highlighted in yellow? Why, it’s the open door of the FJ! Right at the campsite. 

We have already shown in a previous post that the trees where they hung the stuffed doll was at the “campsite” and now we’ve shown you the FJ was on site.

What about “hiking in” at 3 a.m. Rick? More bullshit from Bullshit Man. Hiking in for your month-long expuhdishun with no gear. Tim certainly wasn’t hauling anything. He was on crutches. Nothing like “hiking in” on crutches. You’re surely not carrying anything. You’re huffing and puffing just carrying your excessive corporeal lard. Maybe Grandpa Biff was carrying everything. 

No, there’s no “hiking in” going on here. Just you filming your lard ass walking from your car to your camp chair.

Here are our hunters wrapping up their kill. Note the blue bit highlighted. That’s the door jam of the FJ. 

Here they are loading the thing on the FJ. 

Does anyone need more proof that they’re not deep in the woods anywhere, let alone Pennsylvania? I didn’t think so.

Here’s more proof of a bullshit story. As we showed in the previous timeline post, Fricke helpfully provided that at 10:18 pm the hunt was “finally over”. But here are the stooges buying ice the next day. With Stank on the roof! So they put the thing on the FJ at 10 pm, left him up there all night so his postmorten body fluids could leak out everywhere until they decided it was time for ice. BULL! SHIT!

Luckily, Stank is just a stuffed doll so no post-mortem body fluid leakage. All this ice buying is part of the fairy tale. They are acting out their script.

I don’t think we can deconstruct this thing more than we have. There was no expuhdishun. There was no bigfoot. There was just a sausage-fest sleepover at Uncle Fred’s in order to film footage for a DVD. This is just another scam. We have exposed it so people don’t get duped again by this despicable con man. I mean, CON MEN, since Biff, Tim and the invisible helpers (LARRY FINK) are neck deep in this con. 

For your guffawing pleasure:


  1. Awesome stuff. Good to see you up and running again. Dyer sure does a lot of crying for a guy who doesn't care what people say.

  2. Thanks, it's good to be up and hating again.