Monday, June 22, 2015

Anatomy of Failure - Rick Dyer

Dearest Shit Stain,

It has come to my attention that you have moved once again to Florida, is that because the "haters" found your address (twice) or because the creditors found your dumb ass again?  Which ever it is, you are still pathetic.

Looking at some of your past videos, I see the Christianity campaign has ended just as we knew it would, you don't give two shits about anyone but yourself.  Now I see you are running for President, what a friggin joke, but to the rest of the "haters" out there it is no more than just to get hits on his videos, so just ignore his ass.

Why do you let your child, your own son, sit in your lap while you are driving, that's child endangerment, you should probably take that one down.

I have also noticed that you are still using opiates, not only can I tell by your small pupil size in practically all of your videos, but your rants on those videos are incoherent, rushed and confusing.  You should seek the advice of an addiction specialist.

As for the "Rick Flair" imitation, well as a fan of Mid South Wrestling back in the day, you ain't no where near what the master of the "whooo" is doing, I can only imagine that this imitation is also what you use in the parking lot of a state park when you are tracking Bigfoot from the comfort of the air conditioning of your car.  We know you don't go out in the woods, you are too fat, lazy and too busy trying to score your next opiate fix.

How does it feel to be washed up at 40, and on the run, with no friends, except for those you continue to exploit?  


  1. Man, he looks haggard in those recent videos. And just as unhinged as ever. Has he ever brushed his teeth? Even once?
    Dyer will never change. He is what he is...a fat, yellow toothed loser with no life, no friends and nothing better to do with his time than to take selfies all day of hisself.

  2. On the run for the rest of your life and an opiate addiction, yep he lives a great life.

  3. He made the shower video for his new boyfriend Biff Burke.. They went all brokeback mountain on each other in Pennsylvania . Hey at least they can get married now so happy for them.

  4. He made the shower and teeth brushing video because we accuse of him of not doing it, and since he really doesn't do it, and he has to jump at every word of he haters, he only did it once, (showering and brushing his teeth that is).

  5. Wonder if Biff Burke is going with him on the trip ....Then they go all Brokeback mountain on each other seeing how they are both gay for each other now Glad you finally admit your gay now Rick.... does Biff make you brush your yellow teeth?????

  6. I get Rick all pissed off when I leave comments on his blogs and he deletes them because I throw the truth in his face. Randy and Steve Lane destroyed him with facts and he had to grovel to them. Nothing changed he still is a complete loser.. He just can't scam anyone anymore and deludes himself that he has money and is not running from creditors.funny how us haters are getting to you loser.

  7. He has to resort to posting videos of the Fail Tour, post pick up of Styro-Hank. I wondered if he could get any more pathetic, and I see that he has. Fat, friendless, and an opiate abuser before 40, oh the parents must be proud.

  8. It's great to see that your blog is still going, my friend.

    1. Glad to hear from you Randy .. The way you destroyed Dyer every time was a thing of beauty .

  9. You are certainly correct about the fake Christian act. It's funny the lengths he went to six months ago to play the part now he is dropping F-bombs left and right.

    The most disgusting part about Dyer is that the tax payers fund his dochebag hoaxing lifestyle. What a leach to society.