Monday, January 26, 2015

A Tribute to Steve Lane

Steve Lane
So who was Steve Lane really?  Well as a matter of fact Steve Lane used to be one person: not many, but when FF started accusing people of being Steve Lane, multitudes of us, and getting it wrong every time, we all became Steve Lanes.  

The Steve Lane started what would become a concentrated effort to bring FF down to his knees, and I have to say, we got so good at it, it was a bit scary, in a good way of course. By the way just to clarify, no one of the Steve Lane's ever, ever, ever, encouraged anyone to go to where FF resides, the one individual that did, never took pics of his kids or his wife, this is a continual lie propagated by FF.

Back to Steve Lane, the original Steve Lane was very creative putting together videos based on the facts that we located.  It drove FF crazy.  He constantly bitched and moaned to YouTube to have the channel removed, he succeeded once, but that was it.  We would provoke FF into making a comment on his libel and slander blog, and on his hall closet radio show.  It truly was a sport in a sense.  FF always liked to say he owned us, but in reality not only did we own him, we tracked him better than he could ever wish to become that good, and yes we were and still are that good.  We only give his address out to those who want to collect from him legally, no other harm should come to him, with the exception of a judge in a court of law.  Remember FF used to be a prison guard, but he quit because he is a pussy.  Imagine him sitting a few weekends in county jail somewhere and letting his bunkmates know his previous career.

Anyway for tonight's tribute to Steve Lane, I give you some of my favorite videos of Mr. Lane.  Enjoy.

Our first selection is of FF, giving his love winks to the tramp Tishiana.  This was on the doll tour. Maybe we should rename it, "Fat Ass and the Tramp.

One of my personal favorites I asked Steve Lane to make was FF wearing his cowboy
boots in the woods, just like every other dumb redneck who has never been hunting

And last but not least, FF in his own words scamming and lying, and no FF this isn't moral fraud, this real deal, take it to the bank, off the chain real; idiot. You were asking for money, real money.  Damn your stupid.

So those are just a small sample of what Steve Lane was able to do, with the help of his brothers and sisters who are Steve Lane, not haters.


  1. Lol, thanks, but the ideas were many people. I might make a return, Dyer is such a dough head!!!

  2. Keep it up! Dyer will return...

  3. Looks like his house is off market now...

  4. Has this Dyeria thing run it's course?
    Things are unusually quiet regarding FF. Maybe he is gone for good this time (I hope).
    He must be going crazy from the lack of attention.

  5. I guess he sold his ghetto mansion...1/15/'s for rent now...
    I wonder where he went...

  6. Well his YouTube videos are back to public....he must have finished with his move..

  7. Has ShitStain showed up anywhere lately?

    Knew it wouldn't be long...

  9. yup shit stains back and he is deleting comments already. What a brain dead piece of shit he does the same crap every time the only difference is he cant scam anyone right now.. for someone you keeps claiming all this is bullshit he keeps coming back over and over..hope someone finally deals with him the way it needs to be done once and for all.

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