Saturday, January 24, 2015

Admission of Fraud and Scamming in his own words.

The only way to heal the Bigfoot community, if it needs healing anyway, has long since past.  FF you have had more than one chance to get it right, personally I don't believe you.  Scammers are scammers and fraudsters break the law regardless, because fraud is fraud, it has nothing to do with morality or legality, you are an idiot.  

I asked Mr. Lane if he would copy down a part of a video for me, the part where you admit you are a fraud, that you are a scammer, and I will send it to whomever the next time you poke your head out of that hole you live in, (by the way; still broadcasting from the ghetto mansion I see).  

You admitted to fraud verbally, you admitted to be being a scammer verbally, you need to redeem every last dollar you took from folks; and no dipshit, you did break the law, the DVD fiasco alone would qualify very nicely all by itself.  What about those damn memberships you sold? You basically admitted to fraud there as well.  

It is not your call if someone makes money on a legit product, as long as the consumer knows what they are purchasing, in your case you set out to fraud, because basically you don't give a shit about anyone.  Now all of a sudden you want people to forgive you, to accept you, after more than 5 years of making a mockery out of a community and stealing money from those who hoped to believe someone had bagged a specimen?

The one and only thing you can do now, is to leave, do not come back, ever.  Never show your face in this community again, although I imagine that is too much to bare for your pickled brain.  

You couldn't even apologize well, it was still filled with your bullshit, about this or that, but definitely sprinkled in between your strength you received from God.  Please FF, quit using God as your excuse, its lame, you don't believe it yourself and it offends a lot of folks.

As far as Rictor is concerned, he knows full well what is going on, if he chooses to jump in the sack with FF, I'm sure he's had better (wink, wink), he knows what he's getting.  It's like going out with the school whore, even though you know she has the "clap".  You'll be heading down to the free clinic in no time Rictor, I'm sorry to see you take this path, it can only be for one thing, and that's for moola, and don't say in ain't.

So FF, as you can see Randy isn't taking down his blog, and the rest of us are waiting for you to leave the ghetto mansion, so we can find your dumbass again, not to come visit, but to keep those who you owe money to informed of your mailing address.  Maybe you can go up north and help teach swim lessons to pay off your debt, oh shit, that's right you have that water fear going on.  Oh well, you still owe $80K.


  1. amen keep it coming. to hell with dyer

    1. Until he stands before of court of law, there will be no peace written here.

    2. Good to hear. Shitstain deserves everything he gets