Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Poor Poor Baby

Yes: the haters make you famous, and not for the reasons you believe.

Have you ever had one of those moments, when you laugh so hard that the soda you are drinking comes out of your nose as a projectile?  Well after watching FF last video, it happened to me, it took several minutes to recover.

So you want the community to take down their blogs that tell the truth about you do you?  What are you applying for a sacking position at the local Piggly Wiggly, and are terrified that the manager will find out who you really are?  

What about all the falsehoods you put up not only about haters but about your own supposedly close friends, libeling them, slandering them and so on?

You see FF you don't call the shots, in fact it is the haters that pull your strings, that find you with ease, that expose your lies with the facts, and you can't stand it.  Your reign of scamming, defrauding, libeling and slandering and just plain ripping people off are done, and your left with nothing, but a few remnants of t-shirts and whatever was left over from the Doll Tour.  Your failures are there to stare at you everyday.

Let's move on to the ghetto mansion, I see you keep reducing the price, I thought it was easy to buy and sell or flip houses according to you.  Oh and just to let you know, you cannot according to the FFA guidelines use your drone to sell your property, I went ahead and submitted a complaint on that for you.  Don't worry they will only send you a cease and desist letter from doing it again, and threaten you with a $10K fine, which I am sure you can afford.

So you got booted from Stacy's conference did you?  Who on God's green earth would want you speaking at anything, and I just don't mean Bigfoot related, but anything.  You are an idiot.  Nice brag and shag on that one FF, you can certainly sound convincing, but never the less, the people that know you better than you know yourself knew you wouldn't be appearing, either because the conference organizers would realize what a bad idea it was, or that you would get your ass handed to you by one or more of the conference attendees.

Don't fret that the blogs aren't coming down, either this week or next year, they will be up as long as you scam, because regardless of what you said, like swearing on a stack of Bibles means absolutely nothing to anyone, as you swore on your own kids back during the Doll hoax.  Your credibility is gone, kaput, no longer relevant, you are snail shit, the lowest of the low, and those who don't know you now, can certainly find you in the future on simple search of the Internet.  

As with all your videos, yes; we do make you famous, but not for the reasons you wish for yourself, we expose you at will, when we feel like it, never on your terms, but our own.

Have a nice day FF.


  1. Somehow he thinks that any attention is good attention. Like some big, fat, bald, problem child that misbehave just so his parents notice him. Kind of sad if you think about it.
    Don't get me wrong, he is still an asshole.