Saturday, January 3, 2015

Please forgive me...

Listen FF, the only reason your not out membership selling, DVD making or fake venue leasing or press release having, is because once again the "hay-tores" found you before you could take your first step.  We busted you out so bad, your scared to look out your own window.  Now that is a pussy, and a coward.

You have no more killed a Bigfoot, let alone seen one, but we do have a nice account of what happened in Mineola, Texas, when you thought one was in the area.  I always thought of that as a rumor someone to be so scared that they actually piss their pants.  You proved it to be true.

So what about God telling you to go to PA and getcha another Bigfoot?  What about the 'gas card" plea over the Internet to help you get to PA?  What about all that equipment you said got donated?  It was all a lie, and you knew it from the get go as usual.  How is that youth minister gig going or the Truth Church?  Are you giving classes in lying to the children or only those with the sparkle in your eyes?

If you seek forgiveness from your hoaxes, your libeling, and your scamming of good meaning folks, then come out and say it was all bullshit, that you have NEVER gone on more than 2 expeditions, and that you are an idiot, and then promptly leave the Bigfoot community forever.  No one likes your scamming ass, and you will never change, its the only thing you know how to do, with the exception of butchering the English language.

By the way tell your buddy Fred and Tim, they will never hold any reference in the community, as they were in on it from the beginning.  Assholes.

By the way, who is this guy?  Is this your dealer?
FF's Dealer

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  1. ****BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!********


    I hired a private investigator to follow him around Griffin, GA and he reported to me that Ricky Trailer Chuck Dyer has been raping babies. Truly a sad, pathetic, depraved man.

    Stay away from the crazy baby rapist Rick Dyer!!!!!